The residential estate of Pfaffenlebern is set on a hill with a view of the airfield at Zurich airport.

An open square links six residential buildings into an independent development. The square is both an access area and also provides a playground and recreational space for the residents. The expressive appearance of the residential buildings is defined by projecting balconies, which join with the horizontal bands on the façade to create a floating overall impression. Bright cladding in gently opalescent ceramic tiles gives the skin of the building a textile-like delicacy. The apartments are arranged around a living/dining room, which extends through the entire building and – via recesses on the end façades – provides natural ventilation from the quieter side.

The entrance, living/dining room and balcony form an attractive S-shaped spatial configuration. The quietness of the courtyard and the vast view into the distance can be appreciated from inside the apartment. The living/dining rooms are placed in the corners of the residential buildings, so that they receive light from two sides. Double-winged doors extend the living room into an adjoining room during the day. The guest rooms are designed as adjoining rooms and can be accessed directly from the staircase, as well as from the adjoining apartment, as needed.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Programme: 69 Unit Cooperative Housing Project
Client: Baugenossenschaft Glattal Zürich
Net Surface: 12’100 m2
Invited Competition
Project Status: Not Built