Due to the close economic ties between Switzerland and the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the new Swiss Consulate General in Stuttgart houses not only the consular services, but also Switzerland’s commercial office in Germany.

Administrative areas, secure counter facilities, archive areas, meeting rooms and a multifunctional lounge and event area form a complex program that is designed to meet requirements both for security and discretion and also openness and communication.

The newly leased space is located on two floors in a historic building with a reinforced concrete structure and exposed ribbed ceilings.

A structure of wooden walls is to be worked into this loft-like space. The result will be a flowing spatial continuum in which clearly legible office and corridor zones are deliberately avoided. Instead, openings, offsets and staggered elements are intended to allow for interior views through and across the space.

Rooms can be closed or opened at will via floor-to-ceiling glazed doors. The aim of this spatial structure is to strengthen communication and cohesion among staff members and to present Switzerland to its guests in a communicative and open manner.

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Programme: Swiss consulate, office and representative rooms
Client: Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL
Gross floor area: 900 m2
Project Status: Built