The remodeling project in Hirzenbach involves three elements: a new balcony layer with photovoltaic cells, a community pavilion, and the redesign of the surroundings.

The new balcony layer is conceived as an open structure made of galvanized steel with grated balustrades that protrude like scales. The whole structure can act as a trellis for climbing plants to green the façade, giving the side facing the garden a new sense of lightness and connecting it with the abundant greenery of the garden. The 2.2-meter depth allows the residents to transform the balconies into proper gardens with plants and flowers.

The communal pavilion is embedded in the densified architectural development as a hut in a clearing. The form of the wooden structure clad in corrugated Eternit echoes that of a garden-party tent. Its interior is painted with a striped pattern and the light chains create a festive atmosphere.

The apartment building on Hirzenbachstrasse is nestled in a picturesque area of trees. A trimmed hedge running along the street creates privacy, but without being excluding. The entrances are marked by cypress oaks and form a correlation to the arrangement of the entrance façade. At the back, the lose grove of trees that connects the entire neighborhood is extended. The healthy trees worth preserving are integrated into the new design.

A paved area extends playfully out from around the garden pavilion, creating a number of defined places. A natural playground with gravel, sand, and climbing and play facilities creates a wide range of features.

Location: Hirzenbach, Switzerland

Programme: balcony extension, communal space in a garden pavilion
Client: Siedlungsgenossenschaft Eigengrund
Net floor space: 2,000 m2
Project status: ongoing project, under construction