The existing primary school in Rüsler is to be transformed with an additional storey and extension. The school building has a concise configuration that extends the existing urban setting of the school facilities towards the west, but without using up additional outside areas.

The formally expressive extension wing of the school building is set at the end of the grass playing field on the west and opens onto the broad countryside with a generous gesture. The additional storey follows the internal arrangement of the school building. Two new staircases are added, and the central zone is freed of extra fittings. The classrooms and group rooms combine here to form an educational landscape. The three classrooms for a single year can be optionally combined, or the entire lower and upper schools can be taught jointly. The second storey provides a roof garden with various areas that can be used as open-air classrooms with awnings, opening up fresh learning opportunities. In the extension wing, the hall and library form a new public space inside the school. The expressively sloping roof makes the library a special location, with a view of the countryside.

The new storey and extension of the school building are executed using prefabricated wooden elements. The new school building will have a façade of integrally coloured Eternit, suggesting the appearance of agricultural utility buildings.

Location: Niederrohrdorf, Switzerland
Programme: Extension of the Rüsler school facilities
Clients: Municipality of Niederrohrdorf
Gross floor area: 4,774 m2
Project competition with a selection procedure, 2nd prize
Project status: Not built